NEEMSQUAD PRESENTS: Can I Friend You On Basedbook? Lel [ベースラインやってる?笑 (feat. ななひら) remix]

It came to me in a daydream as most things do, a remix of Camellia feat. Nanahira’s denpa song “Can I Friend You on Bassbook? Lol” entitled “Can I Friend You On Basedbook? Lel.”

And so I nonchalantly posted to my Instagram story: “Someone should make a Basedbook remix of this song.”

Little did I know one music producer/NEEM follower known as Madcat would heed that call, and I waited with bated breath as he feverishly went to work producing the most based remix imaginable.

And now, finally finished, here it is:

You can follow Madcat on:






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