Under the Biden Administration, the Militarization of the White House Fence Continues

The first spirited Black Lives Matter protest in Washington, D.C. after the police murder of George Floyd occurred on May 29, 2020. Beginning their march near the Frank D. Reeves Municipal Center on U Street, several hundred justice-starved Washingtonians descended on the White House, led by local Black organizers. Read more.

Murder in the Capitol, and Murder in the Capital

In the wake of the violent storming of the United States Capitol on January 6th that left several dead, including one murdered cop, roughly 20,000 National Guardsmen deployed to Washington, D.C. to protect President-Elect Joe Biden's upcoming inauguration. For context, this means there are more U.S. troops in capital of the United States right now than in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria combined. Read more.